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I'd like to make a necklace out of yarns, using some sort of bell caps and a clasp. How do I attach the yarn ends securely to the findings? Thanks for any help you can give me!
- Kerry
The instructions in "Using Bead Cones" how-to video and illustrated instructions and "Using Cord Caps" illustrated instructions address using strands of beads and cording. If you modify those to reflect the cording or yarn you are using, you can apply the same techniques.

You can also attach a clasp using the following suggestions:
  • Ribbon crimp ends or cord ends (flat style) can be used by placing the end of the yarn in the cord end, placing a small amount of adhesive on the ribbon crimp end then closing it using chain-nose pliers. Attach a jumpring to the loop on the end of the ribbon crimp end and finish with the clasp of your choice.
  • The end of the yarn can be passed through a jumpring or loop of a clasp, folded over on itself then glued using a fabric glue or wrapped securely using a piece of wire or another piece of yarn.
  • The ends of the yarn can also be attached by knotting the yarn after it has been passed through a jumpring.
  • Finishing the ends of the yarn using glue-on cord tips is yet another option to consider. Follow the ''How To Use a Cord Tip'' how-to video and illustrated instructions to help outline how to use this finding.
- Maura Buckner, Jewelry-Making Expert

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