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I've just learned the tubular peyote stitch, and I really enjoy it. I really like the spiral effect shown on the bracelets in the tubular peyote instructional video, but I can't figure out how to do it. Is there some trick I'm missing for reading/making patterns? Is that particular pattern available somewhere on the Fire Mountain Gems website?
- Alika
Using a larger size bead within the traditional tubular peyote stitch pattern will create the spiral effect.

The "Bracelet with Porcelain Bead, Amethyst Gemstone Beads and Seed Beads" how-to video and instructions uses a 4mm amethyst bead with a size 8/0 seed bead and will show exactly how to create this beautiful variation of tubular peyote stitch.

- Molly Schaller, Jewelry-Making Expert

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