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How do you use the kidney shape earring?
- Lynn
Unhook the wire from the catch on the earwire. Slip on a dangle then bring it around the wire so it sits in the loop. Put the straight end of the wire through the pierced lobe, slide it around so the large curve sits through the lobe then place the wire in the catch to secure. If you would like the drop to be permanent, use your round-nose pliers placed on either side of the loop and gently squeeze until the loop closes.

If the dangle does not face in the correct direction, remove the earwire, remove the dangle then add a jumpring--this will turn the dangle by 90 degrees. Thread the dangle back onto the earwire. This earwire is great for holding anything from simple dangles to beads on bails, to more intricate designs.

Kidney Earwire

- Maura Buckner, Jewelry-Making Expert

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