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What product or process would I utilize to 'strengthen' seashells I've collected so that they can be used as pendants?
- Dawn
Seashells by nature are a porous fragile material. Depending on the shell, you can fill the underside of a shell or create a decorative backing using Kato Polyclay™ or 2-part Apoxie® Sculpt.
  • If using Kato Polyclay, apply a layer of Poly Bonder™ then a layer of the clay. Bake the clay and the shell together following manufacturer's recommended temperatures.
  • If using Apoxie sculpt, blend the two parts following manufacturer's directions then apply to the shell. Let cure overnight before wearing your new shell pendant.
A sealer can also be applied to help protect and create a glossy finish on the surface of the shell.

- Maura Buckner, Jewelry-Making Expert

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