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Does anyone know what kind of knot is used to attach leather cord to a wire clasp or a multi-strand wire beaded section? Silpada Jewelry uses a method I can't seem to figure out. If someone knows how to do this or knows a site that provides these instructions I would be very happy!
- Ann
Leather cord can be attached to a clasp or beading wire in multiple ways.
  • The end of the leather cord can be passed through a jumpring or loop of a clasp and wrapped closed using a piece of wire or another piece of leather.
    • Pass the cord through the loop of the clasp or through a jumpring
    • Fold about 1-1/2 inches back against the longer section of the strand, capturing the finding
    • Place the end of a second piece of leather, about 10 inches in length, next to the clasp against the folded length of cord. Tightly wrap the 10-inch length around the folded end working for about 1/4 inch.
    • Tie the end of the 10-inch length of cord around the folded cord using a half hitch knot
    • Add a dab of adhesive to secure (optional)
  • The ends of the leather cord can also be knotted, using a square knot, after passing through a jumpring
  • And, although not a knot, cord ends can be attached to the ends of the leather cord to finish them. A clasp can then be attached to the loop on the cord end.
  • Follow these ''Using Cord Caps'' illustrated instructions for another great finishing option.
- Maura Buckner, Jewelry-Making Expert

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