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I need instructions on how to attach beads to napkin rings. I have fine chains and small beads. I am a beginner. Thanks
- Connie
Creating a bead drop using your beads and a headpin will enable you to then add your beads to your chain. Using jump rings will enable you to add your chain to the loops on your napkin rings. Choose a jump ring and head pin with a fine enough gauge to fit through the links in your chain. The higher the number the finer the gauge.

Napkin Holder Assemble and add the drops
Place a bead or beads onto a head pin. Finish the head pin with a simple loop to create a bead drop. Open the loop you just made on the drop and pass it through a link in the chain. Close the loop to secure the drop in place.

Attach the chain
Open a jump ring, pass it through a link in the chain and aloop on the napkin ring, then close the jump ring.

Repeat the pattern around the napkin holder in the design of your choice.

- Maura Buckner, Jewelry-Making Expert

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