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I have some large gemstone rectangle shaped beads with open centers, but they do have bead holes top and bottom. I don't want bead thread to show how do I connect them to the rest of the strand? I also don't want to put anything in their open space, that's part of their appeal to me.
- Allida
Carefully insert a headpin in through the open center and out through one bead hole. The head of the headpin should stay inside the opening of the rectangle and rest against the bead but be hidden from view. Be sure to choose a headpin with a flat head that is large enough to hold onto the bead and not pass through the hole. Form a simple loop or wrapped loop on the end of the headpin. Repeat for the other bead hole to create a bead link with an open center. When stringing these into your design, use the loops on the end to string your beading material through.

You can also use your stringing material in a similar manner. Place a knot on the end of the thread or cording. Insert your stringing material through the open center, out through the hole then add a drop of glue, like G-S Hypo cement to the knot. Pull the thread until the knot is in place, resting against the inside of the bead, out of view. From there you can string the rest of your design and finish the stringing material accordingly.

- Tammy Honaman, Author, Jewelry-Making Expert and Educator

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