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I'm trying to make an ornament to decorate presents for my family members. Any suggestions?
- Cassie
For a quick and easy solution to your holiday gift box ornament, try embellishing a snowflake frame with beads and crystals. The snowflake frame comes in several sizes so there will be a size to fit any of your gift packages.

Pick beads in the colors that are significant to each family member to make it more personal and extra special for them. This is an opportunity to create a lifetime memory for each member of your family with this special gift that will be used year after year during the holiday season.

The snowflake frame is securely joined in the middle. At the joint, set a flat back crystal in a dab of G-S Hypo cement adhesive then let it set overnight to cure. When the flat back is secure, arrange the beads of your choice in the pattern you like and slide them onto one leg of the snowflake frame keeping the pattern you have already designed. When the first leg is done, finish using an end bead, which is a half-drilled bead, to hold the other beads in place. Add a drop of hypo cement to the bead hole, stick it on the end and let dry. Repeat the process for 4 additional legs of the snowflake. For the last leg, add your pattern as in the previous steps. Rather than add an end bead on this leg, make a simple loop at the end. This will provide a place to add a nice ribbon making it easy to attach to any gift. This could also work just as well as a holiday ornament for your home.

Snowflake frame

- Tim Cronkhite, Jewelry-Making Expert

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