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I have made several seed bead tapestries and I'm not sure how to display them. I don't want to put them in a frame, because people not only like to look at them, but pick them up and touch them.
- Mary
Creating a finished edge on the tapestry using a whip stitch with beads makes a nice finished edge. Three small fabric or beaded loops can be sewn onto the top edge of the tapestry. Then a small dowel can be run through the loops to allow for hanging. This can also be achieved by extending the top edge of the tapestry approximately 1-inch and sewing the edge around the back to create a loop to place a dowel through.

There are frames made specifically for embroidery that will stretch the tapestry permanently. These will allow for the tapestry to be looked at on both sides, but keeps it stretched.

- Maura Buckner Jewelry-Making Expert

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