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My main resolution for the New Year is that I would like to start hosting home parties by the summer. What should I do?
- Sheila
Home parties are a great way to start a new home-based business in the New Year. It's also a great resolution to do things to add to your income.

The first thing you need to do is figure out if you will have the home party in your own home or at a friend or family member's home who will host for you. If someone hosts a party for you, make the host a special necklace from your line as a thank you.

Then work with your host to make out an invitation list of guests that you both would like to attend. Put together your invitations--hand written are the most personal--then send them off to the invitees. Plan your home party well in advance so that your guests can mark it on their calendars, and give yourself time to send out friendly reminders.

If your party is after work, you may want to offer some tasty bite-size snacks and a beverage so your guests won't want to rush away for dinner. Make sure the area you use is well lit, cover the tables in tablecloths then arrange your jewelry on the appropriate displays to show off your hard work.

Finally, make sure to have table-top mirrors sitting around so your guests can see what the designs look like when they are wearing them. All of these tips will help ensure a successful and profitable home party.

- Tim Cronkhite, Jewelry Making Expert

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