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I need tips on how to use these pliers.
- Angela
Item Number H20-3548TL Wire Wrapping Pliers
Wire wrapping pliers

These wire working pliers work like parallel action pliers--where the jaws open and close parallel and offer even distribution of pressure throughout the jaws not just in one area. The Allen wrench allows you to set the spacing between the jaws to accommodate the material you are working with, making them very versatile.

The jaws will grasp any gauge wire firmly and with even pressure. You can then wrap the wire around over both jaws to form oval jump rings. Spacing the jaws further apart or closer together allows you to make either smaller or larger rings depending on your needs. This tool is also great for making figure eights in wire which can then be used as an element in a design, as a link in a wireworking design or as the loop end of a clasp.

In addition to these pliers, there is another pair of parallel action pliers with larger barrels which form larger elements and components. Both pliers work the same way.

- Sandra Lupo, Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist and Instructor


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