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I have a pair of post earrings that I want to make into dangles but there is no hole. How do I do that?
- Dianne
If the post of the earring is soldered to a metal pad, you can convert that pad to a finding if there is a flat place to make a hole. Use a metal hole punch or twist drill to create the hole. Then the function of the post could be altered by clipping the post wire with wire-cutters and filed down to remove burs.

A standard earwire could be added to the drilled hole. Additional drill holes could be made with a punch or twist drill if there are more flat areas on the metal pad, allowing you to place those holes where you would wish to add bead dangles. Rivets can also be added to the punched holes for function and embellishment.

If the post is not affixed to a pad or the pad is too small for drilling, consider turning the post into a simple loop and then using this to attach the earring to another finding more to your liking, like a fishhook or leverback earwire, using a jumpring.

- Sandra Lupo, Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist and Instructor

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