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Can Hill Tribes items be fired with metal clay? This is technically fine silver; but, will it mess up any design?
- Nancy
Fine silver can withstand a firing temperature of 1650 degrees Fahrenheit and should not lose texture, features, etc. However, if the items are hollow, they would need support as gravity would take over as the metal softens and the items could collapse. Support can be as easy as nestling the piece in a fiber blanket.

To be sure, you can create your design using the low-fire metal clays and fire at the lower temperatures. It is also recommended to ''test fire'' the pieces at the temperature you will be firing at so, if for any reason the piece does not hold up to the firing temperature, you will only lose the Hill Tribes piece and not the metal clay and the time you would put into your design.

- Tammy Honaman, Author, Jewelry-Making Expert and Educator

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