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One of my favorite springtime sports is tennis, and since I love wearing jewelry for everything I do, I was wondering if you could give me some history of tennis bracelets?
- Sincerely, Martina
That's a great question, and there is a very interesting story about the origin of the "tennis bracelet." Tennis bracelets, also called "in-line diamond bracelets," usually come in a bangle-style and have clear diamonds set in a single line going all the way around. Actually, before they were called "tennis bracelets" they were called "eternity bracelets," because, like a ring, the bracelet looks like there is no beginning or end.

In the early 1970s, tennis champion Chris Evert lost her bracelet when the clasp snapped during a heated match. She then insisted that they stop the match until her George Bedewi design was found. Thus, the term "diamond tennis bracelet" was coined. When the media picked up on the event, the diamond tennis bracelet became an overnight success phenomenon.

Since then, tennis bracelets have remained the same basic bangle style, however nowadays several types of stone or cubic zirconia are used in the design as well as many different metal types. So, enjoy "sporting" your tennis bracelet during your next tennis match this spring.

- Tom Triplett, Jewelry-Making Expert


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