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I bought a strand of gemstones from a seller overseas. They are very pretty and I want to make sure they are what was advertised. Is there a way to determine a true quality gem from a very convincing knock-off?

- Holly

The American Gem Traders Association would be the regulatory agency to contact. They may be able to guide you in locating a local appraiser for your gemstones.

Anytime you are travelling abroad and tempted to purchase stones at great prices, buyer beware! There are reputable sellers worldwide, but unless you have a good reference for the seller, you may be subject to fraudulent practices.

Since you've bought the strand because you thought they were pretty, even if they turn out to not be what you were told, why not enjoy them for what they are and design them in a beautiful necklace with other gemstones and suitable findings?

- Sandra Lupo, Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist and Instructor

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