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When I am making simple loops and otherwise finishing jewelry, my thumbnail seems to take the most abuse. Is there anything I can put over my thumbnail to keep it from damage?
- Karen
Wrap the tip of your nail with 3M™ Vetrap™ bandaging tape. It is self adhesive and is ideal for what you are working on, as well as when working with other tools, including power tools, when you want to protect your fingers. This product does contain latex. If latex is a concern, consider using non-latex bandaging tape, an adhesive thimble or fashion a ''finger protector.''

To create a finger protector:
  • Stuff the fingers of a lisle cotton glove with a plastic object the approximate size of your fingers--large rounded Sharpie® marker works well
  • Dip the tip of each finger you want to ultimately protect into Tool Magic®
  • Carefully stand or prop the glove upright and set it aside so the Tool Magic is undisturbed
  • Following manufactuer's instructions, allow the Tool Magic to cure. After the first coat is dry, you can add a second coat if desired.
  • Once cured, gently work the coated glove fingers from the marker as they will stick slightly
  • Wear the entire glove, or cut the tips of the fingers off of the glove and place them on your fingers when needed

- Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert

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