Topics: Seed Beads, Right-Angle Weave

I am having trouble with flat right-angle weave necklaces. I find that my pieces are bunching or twisting on the neck whenever I move. These are short pieces but not chokers that are flat against the throat. Any advice on how I can avoid this?
- Joanna
Consider designing shorter necklaces with other more flexible materials that will give or move with the body movement. The flat right-angle weave section could be a little shorter and then attached to a single or multiple flat-beaded strand, chain, or flat fiber materials. Attach these components to your right-angle weave design with interesting links (metal, crystal and stone, among others). Look for terminators such as cones and clasps that work with the type of material you choose to sit on the curve of the neck.

- Sandra Lupo, Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist and Instructor

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