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I have a caliper and I would like to know how to measure an earring finding for a leverback.
- Emmie
Leverback earring components have 2 hinged wire segments and a ring for attaching a dangle. If you wish to measure the width of the wire part that goes through the ear, a digital caliper will give you an exact measurement of the wire in either millimeters or parts of an inch. Follow package instructions for this precision instrument. Then you can use a conversion chart to translate to a wire gauge number.

For example, the wire part that goes through the ear will likely be 18-gauge (which measures as 1mm or 0.04-inch) or 20-gauge (which measures as 0.80mm or 0.032-inch).

The ring part of the leverback can be measured with the caliper from the outside and the inside to determine what width of wire or headpin can be inserted into the ring opening.

- Sandra Lupo, Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist and Instructor

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