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I want to adapt bracelet designs to make headbands. I want the size to be adjustable to fit a range of head sizes. What kind of fitting or fastener could I use that would enable the wearer to adjust the band to fit and then clip it to that length?
- Carolyn
Terminate the bracelet design with adjustable cording using sliding knots. This design is sometimes called the ''lovers knot'' because when the sides are pulled apart, the knots are brought together.

Another design can be used by incorporating adjustable cording to the ends of the bracelet design using crimp ends appropriate for the cording.

Be sure to review the ''Knots Tutorial'' how-to video and illustrated instructions on a sliding knot, ''Threads, Cords and Wire Information'' article and the ''Crimp Tubes'' article for tips to help you with whichever option appeals to you most.

- Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert

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