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I have been trying to hand knot a rose quartz necklace but find that the hole in the bead is larger than the knot. I have found this to be the case for most of the beads in this strand. I am using the thickest thread I can find. Can you help me?
- Miller
Doubling the thread you are using will enlarge the knots and keep your beads in place.

Silk threads, most often used in bead knotting projects, run in sizes 0 (thin) through FFF (thick). Other silk threads are sized by weight (light to heavy), and may have stainless steel needles attached. These types of silk can be doubled as well.

Silkon® thread is also good for knotting projects since it is a very strong bonded nylon thread. It comes in 3 different thicknesses from lightweight #1 to heavyweight #3 and in a wide range of colors.

A selection of cords, ribbons and woven threads may be even thicker than doubled threads and may give the necklace a more ethnic look. To enhance that look, combine with other elements, such as ethnic silver beads and components.

You can also try Mini Bead Huggers™ between your beads instead of knotting. These are clear or colored silicone oval rondelles with a 0.5mm hole that will grab onto the thread and keep your beads from sliding. When you place one between each bead on the strand, they give the appearance of being knotted. A thicker thread would be needed if you choose to design with the Mini Bead Huggers.

- Sandra Lupo, Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist and Instructor

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