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I have half drilled pearls. Aside from the earring instructions I found, how else can I use them?
- Michaela
Cup and peg findings for half-drilled pearls are available in styles for earrings, pendants and drops. Using the same glue-in technique outlined in the earring instructions, you can make quick-and-easy pendants to hang on chain or a group of drops and dangles for more elaborate designs.

Eyepins can also be used by simply cutting the eyepin to size, gluing the straight wire end into the half-drilled pearls leaving you a looped drop to design with. Headpins and wire along with loop-making techniques can be used to create your own eyepins and drops. Please note: half-drilled pearls generally have a small drill hole that will accommodate smaller gauge wire.

Fine silver upeye findings are another option for half-drilled pearls. They can be used as is or kiln fired into a metal clay design and the pearl glued in place after firing. Gluing half-drilled pearls onto the ends of memory wire makes a beautiful termination.

- Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert

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