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I wanted to restring a knotted necklace I'd made when I was first learning. But, when I tried to take the stones off the nylon cord, the knot slipped inside the stone and got stuck. Are there any tips to get the knot out? I don't have replacements for these stones.
- Karen
Cut the cord from the other end of the bead. Thread a fine needle and secure with a knot. Run the threaded needle into the plugged bead hole and push the needle through the knot. If the needle does not push the knot out, the knotted thread may pull it through. You may need to try a couple of times enlarging the knot and/or needle each time.

You may be able to push the knot out with a pearl reamer.

  • Always wear eye protection when using pearl and bead reamers
  • Always cut knots away from each side of a bead instead of attempting to pull a knot through the hole

- Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert

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