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I have a question about Hot Tips and other bottom style bead tips. I am using beading wire and a tube crimp bead. The first starting point is not a problem. I have my wire and crimp a tube on the end. Make sure it is secure and then slide the tip on to the wire and close it. Then attach it to my clasp. After stringing on all my beads I slide on a tip and then a crimp bead. How do you get the crimp pliers down into the tip and do the 2 stage crimp? It is near impossible to fit the head of the pliers down in there. Can I just crimp the tube with needle nose pliers and not fold it. I am afraid it is not secure enough!
- Janet
Flattening the crimp with a pair of needle nose or chain-nose pliers is an idea that will work. If you have concerns, you can add a drop of Loctite® 454 Gel adhesive to the crimp before compressing it. Each of these glues are super glues so will dry quickly--they will also bond your fingers together if you get any adhesive on you, so be careful and have some acetone on hand, just in case. The acetone will help remove any adhesive that might get onto your skin. Loctite 454 Gel adhesive has the added benefits of gap filling properties as well as is more of a gel so less likely to drip.

- Kristal Wick, Designer, Author and Jewelry-Making Expert

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