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I have various styles of ceramic pendants with large diameter vertical holes going all the way through the pendants and need to hang them on stretch elastic necklaces. The eye and head pins available are all too small a diameter for a simple wire loop at the top of the pendant and I have searched for any way to secure and string them. I am trying to mass produce and don't have the time for any fancy wire-wrap type techniques. Help please!!!!!
- Linda
A bead cap can be added to cover the top and bottom of the pendant, making the holes a little smaller, then using an eye and headpin would be possible and either could then be finished with a simple loop. Alternatively, by placing a spacer bead, the pendant and a spacer bead onto a headpin or eyepin, the pendant hole would be minimized. making a simple loop feasible as a finishing option. If the hole of the pendant makes it wobbly on the headpin or eyepin, add seed beads (a size that fit over the diameter of the wire yet fit inside the pendant) to the wire to fill the hole, stabilizing the pendant.

Consider making your own headpins out of heavier gauge wire. A how-to video on three options can be found in the resource section below if you are unfamiliar with the process. Bead holders are another option--one end comes off the bead holder, the pendant goes on the end goes back on to secure the pendant in place. There is a loop on the top that can then be worked into the design.

- Kristal Wick, Designer, Author and Jewelry-Making Expert

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