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I have been selling hand-made jewelry for about 12 years at shows and festivals. I am looking to get some new display items. I was wondering given the fact that half of my shows are outside and in the mountains, if the leatherette displays hold up better than the velvet ones? Going hand in hand what would be the best color to display brass or other mixed metal jewelry on, White or Black? I mainly have black velvet ones and they seem to collect dust and dead plant bits, which show up like there is no tomorrow when I am doing an inside show. Thoughts?
- Kathy
Leatherette displays can be wiped with a damp cloth and are somewhat moisture resistant. This may be your best choice for indoor and outdoor events. Although black shows dust and organic debris more readily, white will show unsightly soiling from handling that will require cleaning rather than dusting. As for color, when displaying brass and mixed metals, designs may get lost on a black background and you may want to consider using white or a colored woven silk-covered display. This will help the metal colors to "pop" on the display.

- Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert

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