Topics: Metal, Refining and Recycling Scrap

I do wire work with mostly sterling silver and 14k gold-filled wire. My silver scraps I send to a local artist who works with silver but what can I do with my gold-filled scraps?
- Rachel
There are companies/refiners that will pay you for your scrap gold-filled metal and wire. Contacting a trusted local jeweler for referrals is recommended. Refiners generally calculate the scrap value on a percentage of the current market value and they will commonly pay a better rate to customers using credit on account rather than a cash payout. You will need to package and mark your scrap separately based on several factors including: clean or dirty scrap, material type, estimated purity and weight. Most companies/refiners will have a downloadable form required for information and notification of a scrap metal submission. Not all refiners will deal with the public and many have required minimums. Be sure to do your homework as not all refiners listed online are reputable and you may consider submitting a small order the first time to make sure the company and process is legitimate. Always ship your scrap by a trackable shipping method and insure your packages against loss or theft.

- Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert


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