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Chain tassels and fringe are really popular. I like to create them, but it is a serious pain to count links, or measure multiple lengths of chain all the same length, especially tiny chain. Do you have a tip to simplify tassels and fringe?
- Betty
I used to make them the hard way, too. Then I realized that if I cut one length of chain the correct length all I had to do was hang that chain on a horizontal headpin or paperclip and use it as a template to make more of the exact same length. It is also easy to graduate strands this way by cutting the next length just one or two links longer or shorter. I found that the perfect tool for this is the Chain Sta Stabilization Solution tool. I clamp a headpin in one of its jaws and use it to hold my strands of chain as I cut multiple lengths.

- Rose, Jewelry Production Specialist

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