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You probably don't get many questions from spouses, but here's mine: My wife keeps giving her jewelry away to relatives and friends because she says she feels guilty selling it to people she knows. She says she doesn't mind giving it away because they often show it to their own friends and others who become customers. I think they should be paying her. What do you think?
- RJ
There are many husbands who think their wives are "giving away the store!" Many jewelry makers undervalue their work and feel guilty taking money for it. This can be especially true when it comes to friends and family, because the artist wants to freely share what they make. Paradoxically, the initial customers of almost all artisan jewelry makers are their own social circle, including friends and family. The recipients of those jewelry gifts may also feel guilty taking jewelry from your wife instead of buying it. See if she'd consider a family/friends discount. It will reduce the guilt all around, and it will provide her with the income she needs to keep making what she loves! To satisfy her desire to share, she can always give her jewelry as a gift for life-cycle events like birthdays and weddings, as well as graduation gifts, holidays and more.

- Dr. David Weiman
Dr. David Weiman is a respected expert in the field of marketing and selling handcrafted jewelry and a well-read contributor to Fire Mountain Gems and Beads "Ask the Experts". He is the author of Introduction to Marketing and Selling Jewelry, The Jewelry Selling Answer Book and The 5 Keys to Selling Handcrafted Jewelry. A free newsletter on selling handmade jewelry is available at his website:

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