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First, how can I solder silver-filled pieces onto copper or brass without the alloys in the silver-filled showing? And for this reason, I'm assuming silver-filled CANNOT be annealed? Second, do some metals take longer to anneal than others? I'm new to jewelry making and will be working with copper, brass, and sterling silver. Thank you for your time.
- Denise
Silver-filled metal can be soldered to other metals with a torch and silver solder as long as consideration is given to the amount of heat being applied. If too much heat is used, there is a risk of the sterling silver layer melting enough to show the copper underneath.

When soldering silver-filled product to other metals, keep in mind that copper and brass require a higher temperature (more torch heat) to anneal and so may be resistant to the light soldering required of silver-filled product.

Silver-filled metal should not be annealed because the amount of heat needed to anneal may alter the layers of metal in sterling silver-filled products. Light use of a torch flame is advised when working with any of the sterling silver-filled products.

- Sandra Lupo, Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist and Instructor

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