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Recently I have been hearing about Shamballa bracelets. Does shamballa refer to the bead types or the method of construction? The only one I have seen was a knotted bracelet with a crystalized finish on the beads. Do you have any articles on the history of shamballa and if not would you be kind enough to write one since these bracelets seem to be growing in popularity? Thank you
- Tety
Tibetan-style Shamballa jewelry includes bracelets and necklaces that are believed by many to encourage inner peace and tranquility and support overall happiness. Each bead used in the design will symbolize one's harmonious connection with the universe and personal enlightenment through life lessons. The popularity of Shamballa jewelry has grown in connection with a fashion trend among celebrities and their fans. Originally, the bracelets were created by stringing hematite and metal beads on macramé knotted stringing materials. The more current styles are designed using waxed cotton or leather cord featuring 8mm and/or 10mm Hemalyke™ and other gemstone beads, pavé-style crystal or diamond beads and disco ball beads.

- Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert

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