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I have a customer who wants to add a dangle to some diamond ear studs. What is the best way to do that? Thanks!
- Kathy
Select a section of chain with a link size that will fit over the earring post of the stud. Cut the chain to the desired length and embellish the chain with the dangle design of your choice. Slip one end link of the chain over the stud post. Use a Mini Bead Huggerâ„¢ to keep the chain in place on the stud (optional). Now you are ready to wear your new dangle earstuds!

If the chain you want to use turns out to be too small to fit over the stud, consider adding a small jump ring to make it work.

Adding an earring jacket would also help with your design. Create the dangle as suggested above then connect the length of chain to a loop or opening in the earring jacket.

- Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert

Design Idea 98Q5 Earrings
Design Idea 98Q5

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