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How do I connect two boars' teeth together and then cover the connection with leather or crochet stitching?
- Althea
If the boars teeth are drilled, you can form a briolette wrapped loop, following the instructions in the video "How to make a Briolette Wrapped Loop" which can be found in the resources below. Instead of sliding a briolette onto your wire as instructed, slide your boar teeth onto the wire. Once you've completed the loops, add a thin layer of glue onto the wire and wrap leather cord onto the glue and let dry.

Another nice way to finish off your boars teeth creation is to make a bail, similar to "How to Make a Bail for Briolettes" tutorial found in the resources below:
  1. Using flush-cutters, cut a 2-1/2 to 3-inch length of wire (half-hard, round, 21 gauge or finer depending on the size of the hole in the boars teeth)
  2. Using round-nose pliers, form a simple loop on one end of the wire
  3. Slide the wire through the boars teeth
  4. Form a simple loop on the other end of the wire
  5. Center the bead on the wire
  6. Place a pair of round-nose or chain-nose pliers close to the bead on one side. Rotate the pliers to form a 90 degree bend in the wire that points up.
  7. Repeat Step 3 to form a 90 degree bend in the wire on the other side of the bead. Make any needed adjustments so the loops meet at the top.
If the boars teeth are not drilled, you can wire wrap them similar to how undrilled stones were wrapped in "Wrapping Stones and Beads with Half-Round Wire" how-to video and instructions, which can be found in the resources below.

- Kristal Wick, Designer, Author and Jewelry-Making Expert

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