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I have several antique brooches that I would like to fashion into cuff bracelets and then fill with Swarovski crystals. Never have done this before I don't know where to start. What style of crystals to use how to apply them--do I start with a cuff mold, etc.? Can you advise me as what would produce the most professional look? The brooches are heirlooms and want to do the best by them. Thank you in advance.
- Valarie
There are many ways to incorporate your antique brooches into a cuff bracelet. Depending on the brooch size, blank cuff bracelets are great for gluing your brooch onto; use jewelers 2-part epoxy for this type of application. You could also use Apoxie® Sculpt epoxy and a cuff base. Mix up your epoxy according to manufacturer's instructions, place the epoxy onto a cuff blank, push your brooch into the clay and push crystal chatons into the other areas of the clay, filling the rest of the cuff. Crystal chatons have pointed backs so they work well when pushed into the clay. Check out some of the design ideas in our Gallery of Designs for inspiration. Best of luck!

- Kristal Wick, Designer, Author and Jewelry-Making Expert

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