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I purchased several multipens. I cannot seem to mix the paint well. I tried a skewer and shaking it.
- JoAnne
One way to mix the contents in the enamel multipens is to invert the bottle and shake for at least 5 minutes. The water will work its way to the top (which is the bottom since the bottle is upside down) and the contents will blend. Another way is to stir and "fold" using a skewer or suitable metal tool. Blend and fold the ingredients in the bottle, working from the bottom to the top until the contents are consistent throughout. If needed, add distilled water so you can blend the contents well.

If the water has evaporated completely, put on a dust mask then use a metal tool to break up the enamel particles. Fill the bottle part way with distilled water then use a skewer or metal tool to blend the contents. Add more water as needed.

Whichever method works best for you, it is important the contents be stirred thoroughly so the glass particles that may have settled on the bottom work their way into the fluid. Once blended, allow a little bit of time for any trapped air to work its way to the surface. When you are ready to apply the enamels, invert the bottle, hold over a paper towel and squeeze so you release a little bit of enamels as well as any trapped air. If bubbles are still present after applying the enamels to the surface of your object, be sure to use a fine tipped tool to "pop" the bubbles before the enamel dries.

It is recommended to fire any glass product, including the enamel pens on a kiln shelf, as well as to either place a piece of kiln paper on the shelf or treat the shelf with kiln wash before firing to prevent fusing the glass to the walls of your kiln.

- Tammy Honaman, Author, Jewelry-Making Expert and Educator

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