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Is there a way to repair necklaces whose non-link chain, like serpentine, Boston link, foxtail, or snake, has broken?
- Agatha
This type of chain is built with links that are interwoven with a lower layer and an upper layer. If you repair the break with solder, the supple drape of the chain will be altered. You will likely have a stiffened segment.

If these types of woven chains are made with jumprings, then it is difficult to repair the break between the upper section and lower section. In this case it is best to use the broken chain as two instead of one, altering your design and creating two new pieces. One great way to join these segments is to add a bead station of lampwork glass beads, gemstones or crystal beads with a complementing focal.

- Sandra Lupo, Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist and Instructor

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