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Hi, I was just wondering what you would use the 12- and 14-gauge jump rings for. They seem really strong and are really thick and awkward, can they be used for chainmaillele or are they just for connecting things?
- Karen
Large jump rings can be very handy once you start using them. This lovely necklace is a great example of how to make use of large jump rings in a design. They also work wonderfully for chainmaille, links and even bails. Some pendants are quite thick where the hole is and it's challenging to find a bail that will work in scale, so use a large strong jump ring. Make your own large jump rings using colored wire by winding the wire on a mandrel then cutting the rings apart. Use 3 different color jump rings then run the necklace strand through them all for a simple, interesting and custom-colored effect.

- Kristal Wick, Designer, Author and Jewelry-Making Expert

Design Idea 7110 Necklace

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