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How can I preserve flowers to be used in resin pendants?
- Danielle
Encasing flowers in resin is a wonderful way to "keep" them looking fresh forever!

Here are the steps for how to preserve the flowers and a how-to video for creating the resin pendant.
  • Cut the excess stem and leaves away from the flower with scissors
  • Fill the bottom inch of a small air-tight plastic container with silica powder, gel or beads (they all work effectively)
  • Place your flower in the food container stem side down (flower petals face up). Cover the rest of the flower with silica and gently shake container so all the flower nooks and crannies are filled with the silica. Do not open the container until the flower is completely dried out. Some silicas change colors when the drying process is complete. Otherwise, simply leave the container closed for a week. Follow manufacturers directions on this step
  • Cover a work surface in a well-ventilated area with newspaper
  • Put on rubber gloves. Remove the flower from the silica gel and gently shake off any excess granules
  • Hold the flower in one hand and use the other hand to spray a light coating of resin spray on the flower. This adds strength and support to the flower so it will tolerate the resin casting process without coming apart. Set the flower aside to dry for as long as your resin spray recommends
  • Mix up the liquid resin according to manufacture's instructions
  • Set your mold or inlay component on your work surface, making sure it's flat and level
  • Fill the cavity one-third to half full with liquid resin. Press your flower, petal-side down, into the resin. Use a craft stick or a toothpick to gently work the petals into the resin and to remove air bubbles. Try to handle the flower as little as possible once you initially press it into the resin
  • Fill your mold or inlay component to the top with resin. Set it aside to cure and check on it in about 12 hours. If the resin created a dip or indentation in the top as it set, pour a small amount of additional resin into the mold. Allow the resin to harden overnight, then pop from the mold
- Kristal Wick, Designer, Author and Jewelry-Making Expert

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