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My friends and I are renting a house on the beach this summer for a relaxing week. I like to relax with my beads. Do you have any suggestions for traveling with my favorite pastime?
- Georgia
For me the most important thing is light. Here in Oregon, sunshine on the coast is an iffy situation, so I would be sure to bring my portable Daylight™ lamp. Then I like to take projects that don't require a lot of space to pack. Seed bead, chain mail, kumihimo and macramé projects are great. Be sure to pack extra supplies as your friends will want to join in on the fun. Bring wire and let the coastline inspire you by wire-wrapping the treasures you may find beachcombing. Be aware that the coastal air can have a tarnishing effect on materials like sterling silver. When you have decided on the projects you'd like to work on, pack it all up in a Plano® travel tote especially designed for your beads and tools.

- Rose, Jewelry Production Specialist

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