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Is there a "balance" that has to be maintained when creating a necklace using different sized chain and beads? I can't seem to get my necklace to hang evenly.
- Suzy
The weight of the components in a necklace has a lot to do with how it will hang when worn. You can design an asymmetrical necklace that should hang correctly if the weight is evenly distributed. The heavier beads will always move their way down to the middle or center of the necklace as you’re wearing it. If there isn't a weighty focal piece in the middle, your necklace may spin or work its way around your neck and the clasp can end up at the front of your necklace! Figuring all this out is not an exact science of course, but you can pay attention to the weight distribution as you're designing your necklaces and roughly feel if the weight is even before finishing off your necklace. You may also try placing Bead Stoppers™ on the ends of your necklace and wear it around the house a bit before crimping or finishing off the ends.

- Kristal Wick, Designer, Author and Jewelry-Making Expert


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