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I love the look of hand hammered brass washers from the hardware store. Do you have any tricks or tools for texturing both sides?
- Margaret
You can use metal stamps for both sides, one side at a time, or you can use texturing hammers, again one side at a time. This should work well for brass washers.

Follow these steps:
  • Anneal with a torch--butane gas torches can work fine for small to medium washers. This will soften the metal for texturing.
  • Hit stamps or texture hammers directly onto side A of the washer as it sits on a steel bench block
  • Anneal again
  • Hit stamps or texture hammers directly onto side B of the washer as it sits on a softer surface, such a piece of hardwood or leather. This surface should sit on the steel bench block. This way you are not removing the texture that you put onto side A.
If you are working with metal washers that are thin and measure 26-gauge through 30-gauge, you can anneal as above in the first step and then run the washer through an embossing tool.

Last alternative is to run through a rolling mill with texture plates on both sides of the washer.

- Sandra Lupo, Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist and Instructor

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