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I am new to the right-angle weave. I have watched the video several times. My thread is showing really bad and is loose in some spots. I am using round beads on FireLine thread. What am I doing wrong and also how do I finish it off? Thanks.
- Sarah
Right-angle weave (RAW) takes a bit of practice, particularly in achieving the correct tension. You can go through each row (round) a second time before adding the next set of RAW. This enables you to keep a tighter tension.

Another tip that may help is to tie a knot after you go through the first four beads. Go through them again before adding the next set of RAW. Be sure to push each bead into place before stitching into the previous unit. Also be sure to pick up your beadwork while beading. If you can hold the beads you just stitched in place while moving onto the next stitch, you'll prevent the stitch from loosening up.

When using round beads, adding complimentary seed beads on either side of the round bead can help with covering the thread while adding a nice embellishment to your RAW.

Using the correct thread will also help with your tension issues. It's great you're using FireLine® because if you are using beads with sharp edges on the holes (crystals or bugle beads for example), a tougher thread like FireLine allows you to pull each stitch tightly without breaking the thread. You may also want to condition your thread with beeswax or thread conditioner. This layers your thread with a tacky coating that holds the stitch in place nicely. Be sure to pull your thread slowly when tightening the slack to prevent knots from forming. Finish your RAW piece by weaving in the ends and stitching on a seed bead loop and button closure or hook-and-eye clasps.

- Kristal Wick, Designer, Author and Jewelry-Making Expert

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