Bead Stringing Resources

An ancient technique with modern applications

Stringing beads is one of the foundational skills of jewelry making and it can open up a myriad of design possibilities. Master this versatile and ever-popular technique with our abundant bead stringing resources. Happy Beading!

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Using an Intermittent Stringing Technique

Float groups of beads on colorful Accu-Flex® beading wire using crimps.

Using Crimp Covers

See how crimp covers can create a professional and stylish finish to jewelry designs in the featured tutorial by Marlynn.

Secrets to Crimping with Crimp Tubes

Crimp tubes with loops are useful findings for adding clasps directly to the end of your strung design. Follow along with Tammy Honaman to see how easy it is to secure a crimp with chain-nose pliers.

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Thread, Cord and Wire Information

There are a lot of stringing materials out there. How do you know which beading thread, cord or wire to use for your jewelry-making projects? Learn what the best stringing supplies are made with and their intended uses to help ensure you're getting...

Stringing and Jewelry-Making Fundamentals

At one end of a length of Accu-Flex beading wire (cut to the proper length for your design) thread on a crimp bead (or crimp tube) then thread the wire through one side of an Accu-Guard wire protector. Continue passing the wire over the curve of the...

Add a Little Something Extra to Jewelry Lines

Add the finishing touch to jewelry designs with fun, easy and professional-looking embellishments. Whether you're going for sophisticated fashion or casual looks, these style elements are handy ways to give a polished look to necklaces and bracelets...

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