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Marketing information for your jewelry business.

Marketing your jewelry can seem like a huge job, but we are here to help. From creating a jewelry brand to the best venues for sales to creative jewelry packaging, we've put together dozens of amazing articles. Learn from industry experts and level up your business strategy.

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8 Tips for Selling Jewelry Online

You've decided to sell jewelry online. Great! Now what? Here are 8 tips, with some helpful links on related resources to have you selling like a pro online in no time.

Are YOU Ready for Your First Craft Show?

Everyone in your family has an entire jewelry wardrobe from you--earrings for their birthdays, bracelets at Christmas, necklaces for Mother's Day. In fact you've given so much jewelry as gifts, they can't even rotate through them in a year and that...

Grow Your Own Jewelry Business

Do you dream of starting a jewelry business, with your own field of dreams waiting to be planted?

Many businesses start with a unique vision that includes hope, creativity, skills, personal commitment, business integrity, an organized plan,...

Jewelry Design Inventory--Part of Your Business Plan

Taking detailed pictures and including thorough lists of materials used doesn't sound very fun to the artistic jewelry-maker. It's the kind of paperwork most of the artistically minded loathe.


Are you a Hobbyist or in Business?

It's all well and good to say that artists need to be businesslike rather than bohemian, but those who want the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to accept work-related deductions on their federal tax returns do not have a choice. If the IRS believes...

Photography Tips

You'll find many sources of photography tips on the internet, but few are focused on showing you how to photograph jewelry. Taking quality images of jewelry designs and beaded art can be a special challenge for new artists who want to save money and...

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Using Earring Card Punch Tools with Adhesive Front PVC Earring Cards

Create custom earring cards with this punch tool! See how in this video.

Gulten Dye: Style and Education

Gulten Dye shares the secrets of her success, and how to use jewelry to alter daytime looks into evening wear.