Accu-Flex™ Paper Beading Cord and Crimps

This chart outlines crimps found to work with Accu-Flex paper cord.

Type and Size Example Material
Crimp tube, 3x2mm Silver-plated brass
Crimp tube, 3x2mm Gunmetal-plated brass
Crimp tube tube with loop, 3.5x2mm Gold-plated brass
Crimp tube with loop, 3.5x2mm Silver-plated brass
Crimp tube with loop, 3.5x2mm Gunmetal-plated brass
Crimp tube, 5x2.75mm Sterling silver
Crimp bead, 5.5x3mm Sterling silver
Crimp end, 11x6mm Antiqued sterling silver
Crimp end, 17x16mm Antiqued sterling silver
Crimp, 4x2mm Antiqued silver-plated pewter
Crimp, 4x2.5mm Antiqued silver-plated pewter
Crimp, 4x2mm Antiqued gold-plated pewter
Crimp, 4x2.5mm Gold-plated pewter
Crimp tube, 4x2.5mm 14Kt gold-filled
Crimp, 4x2.5mm Gunmetal pewter
Crimp, 4x2mm Antiqued copper-plated pewter
Crimp with loop, 4x2.5mm Antiqued copper-plated pewter
Crimp tube with loop, 5x2.5mm Sterling silver
Crimp tube with loop, 4x2.5mm Brass
Crimp tube with loop, 4x2.5mm Copper-plated brass
Clasp, hook-and-eye, 13x6mm Sterling silver
Crimp bead, 9.5x2.5mm Brass

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