Apoxie® Color Chart

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Customize your colors for pavé-style jewelry components that use Apoxie® Sculpt two-part sculptural epoxy. Color blends shown below require materials to be measured by weight, so an accurate baking scale or postage scale will be needed.

Using the original 12 colors of Apoxie Sculpt + Super White Apoxie you can create an unlimited possibility of colors. Colors shown are created by using simple 1:1 ratios BY WEIGHT (use a postage or baking scale).
  • Remove unwanted product residue with soap and water or Aves® Safety Solvent before set-up!
  • Use a cut plastic bag on the scale top for easy clean-up (be sure to tare the bag weight)
  • All 'Part B' for Apoxie Sculpt colors and Super White Apoxie are the same.
  • Swatch numbers listed are in reference to the PANTONE® Solid Coated color guide.

A Part A
B Part B
SW Super White Apoxie
100% 50% part A original color + 50% part B
White 50/50 25% A color + 25% A White + 50% B
Super White 50/50 25% A color + 25% A SW + 50% B
Blended Color 50/50 25% A color + 25% A color + 50% A White + 100% B
Blended Color 50/50 25% A color + 25% A color + 50% A SW + 100% B

Classic Color Chart
Original Color
A + B
Color + White
Super White
Color + SW
Yellow 612C 611C 600C
Green 349C 346C 344C
Blue 295C 645C 656C
Orange 167C 472C 162C
Red 1807C 702C 706C
Black 447C 432C 430C
Brown 476C 437C 7604C
Pink 7521C 435C 691C
Bronze 7518C 408C 7527C
Silver-Grey 424C 429C cool gray 1-c
Natural 416C 421C warm gray 1-c

Blended Color Chart
Blended Color
Original Colors
Blended Color + White
Super White
Blended Color + SW
Red/Blue 5115C 5145C 2085C
Blue x2/Red 5158C 667C 524C
Blue/Green 343C 7473C 331C
Blue/Yellow 575C 577C 580C
Green/Yellow 362C 360C 365C
Red/Yellow 159C 7522C 489C
Red/Pink 194C 701C 196C
Red/Orange 484C 7418C 176C
Pink/Orange 471C 163C 1555C
Orange/Yellow 7412C 715C 713C

*** COLOR DISCLAIMER *** Colors are approximate. Always test mix if a precise color is required. The colors shown in this chart are mixed by weight. Slight changes in shades are unavoidable. Colors can be affected by variances in product, mixing ratios, computer screen and printer variances, and more. PANTONE colors listed represent the closest current match.

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