Crystal Passions® Crystal Beads - Color and Effect

Design Idea LC2N Earrings
Crystal Clear Crystal
Fuchsia Fuchsia
Denim Blue Denim Blue
White Opal White Opal
Amethyst Amethyst
Black Diamond Black Diamond
Light Silk Light Silk
Iris Iris
Citrus Green Citrus Green
Silk Silk
Light Amethyst Light Amethyst
Peridot Peridot
Light Peach Light Peach
Violet Violet
Erinite Erinite
Rose Water Opal Rose Water Opal
Tanzanite Tanzanite
Emerald Emerald
Vintage Rose Vintage Rose
Light Sapphire Light Sapphire
Greige Greige
Light Rose Light Rose
Light Azore Light Azore
Light Colorado Topaz Light Colorado Topaz
Rose Rose
Aquamarine Aquamarine
Jonquil Jonquil
Blush Rose Blush Rose
Sapphire Sapphire
Golden Topaz Golden Topaz
Padparadscha Padparadscha
Capri Blue Capri Blue
Light Topaz Light Topaz
Light Siam Light Siam
Majestic Blue Majestic Blue
Topaz Topaz
Scarlet Scarlet
Montana Montana
Light Amber Light Amber
Ruby Ruby
Light Turquoise Light Turquoise
Smoked Amber Smoked Amber
Siam Siam
Blue Zircon Blue Zircon
Jet Jet

Crystal Silver Shade Crystal Silver Shade
Crystal Metallic Sunshine Crystal Metallic Sunshine
Crystal Blue Shade Crystal Blue Shade
Crystal Moonlight Crystal Moonlight
Crystal Rose Gold Crystal Rose Gold
Crystal Light Chrome Crystal Light Chrome
Crystal AB Crystal AB
Crystal Antique Pink Crystal Antique Pink
Crystal Comet Argent Light Crystal Comet Argent Light
Crystal Shimmer Crystal Shimmer
Crystal Paradise Shine Crystal Paradise Shine
Crystal Silver Night Crystal Silver Night
Crystal Golden Shadow Crystal Golden Shadow
Crystal Vitrail Medium Crystal Vitrail Medium
Jet Hematite Jet Hematite

Shimmer Effects
White Opal Shimmer White Opal Shimmer
Amethyst Shimmer Amethyst Shimmer
Rose Water Opal Shimmer Rose Water Opal Shimmer
Light Amethyst Shimmer Light Amethyst Shimmer
Rose Shimmer Rose Shimmer
Aquamarine Shimmer Aquamarine Shimmer
Light Rose Shimmer Light Rose Shimmer
Black Diamond Shimmer Black Diamond Shimmer
Siam Shimmer Siam Shimmer
Peridot Shimmer Peridot Shimmer

Aurora Borealis Effects
Light Rose AB Light Rose AB
Iris AB Iris AB
Sapphire AB Sapphire AB
Light Siam AB Light Siam AB
Violet AB Violet AB
Capri Blue AB Capri Blue AB
Rose AB Rose AB
Light Sapphire AB Light Sapphire AB
Peridot AB Peridot AB
Amethyst AB Amethyst AB
Aquamarine AB Aquamarine AB

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