Zebra Jasper Meaning and Properties

Zebra Jasper History

Like other jaspers, zebra jasper is found all over the world and has been used since antiquity. But, unlike much jasper which is spotted, this variety of jasper marble is striped. Jasper, an opaque chalcedony, comes in a wide variety of colors, each with unique patterning. Zebra jasper is the variety of jasper known for its mottled warm brick red and avocado green appearance. The term "jasper" itself comes from the Greek work iaspi, which means "spotted stone." Jasper in general has been a gemstone used all over the world, worn by ancient Egyptian priests and carved as seals by the Minoans. While jasper is more widely available today, jasper was once considered a valuable stone.

Zebra Jasper Metaphysical Properties

Zebra jasper motivates us to move out of apathy into action. It helps us avoid over-thinking and encourages us to just enjoy the experience of living. Zebra jasper's striking colors intensify that message. Like the swift, wild animal for which it's named, it shows us how to live. It says: Get out of your head! Get into your body. Let the zest for life flow through you. On top of this, zebra jasper stimulates the root chakra. This grounds us, helping us find enjoyment in the beauty of our world.

Zebra Jasper Geological Properties

Jasper can be found all over the world, but zebra jasper has been specifically mined in Africa, Russia and India. This stone has a trigonal crystal structure, is opaque and takes a high polish well.

Mineral Information Silicate, chalcedony, quartz group
Chemical Composition SiO2
Color Deep green/black; white banding
Hardness 6-1/2 to 7 (Mohs)
Specific Gravity 2.58 - 2.91
Refractive Index 1.54 (Approximately)

Proper Care of Zebra Jasper

The best method for cleaning zebra jasper is the tried and true warm soapy water with a soft cloth or bristle brush. Be sure to dry the stone and all jewelry settings thoroughly before storing or wearing. It is a good idea to avoid prolonged exposure to high heat as this can sometimes create color changes in varieties of quartz.

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Designing with Zebra Jasper

Beautifully banded in irregular deep green, black and white, zebra jasper beads blend exquisitely with solid green, black or white stones. Try mixing the exotic with the ancient by stringing zebra jasper beads with antiqued brass or antiqued silver beads and components. Team them up with black horn hairpipe beads for the beauty and thrilling intrigue of African-inspired designs.

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