Crazy Horse Stone (Calcite) Meaning and Properties

Crazy Horse Stone History

Crazy Horseā„¢ stone is the trade name for a calcite--a type of limestone material--showcasing a distinct appearance of brown, grey, tan with some mauve and pink color combinations. Calcites are a common mineral group, with high variability in color and form; Crazy Horse stone is only one type.

Crazy Horse Stone Metaphysical Properties

Calcites like Crazy Horse stone are said to aid memory and increase the strength of habits. Its worldwide distribution is considered to be a function of its universalism: it clears all chakras, raises overall body awareness and helps connect people and energy beings into a united network.

Although not a birthstone, Crazy Horse is affiliated with the zodiac sign Cancer. It has no particular associated chakra.

Crazy Horse Stone Geological Properties

One of calcite's most fascinating properties is that it emits electrical impulses when placed under pressure. Otherwise, this highly common mineral is considered rather ordinary. It is the most common mineral in stalactites (which hang from the ceilings of caves) and stalagmites (which form on the floors of caves).

Crazy Horse stone's blend of colors and patterns are due to the presence of aragonite and other trace minerals. Interestingly, calcite and aragonite are an odd set of almost-twin materials: they have the same chemical composition, but differ significantly in crystal structure.

Calcites are found in limestones, marbles and chalk matrices. Major deposits of Crazy Horse stone are found in China.

Mineral Information Calcium carbonate with aragonite, iron, magnesium, manganese and other minerals
Chemical Composition CaCO3 and other minerals
Color Opaque brown, grey and tan with some mauve and pink
Hardness 3-1/2 to 4 (Mohs)
Specific Gravity 2.30 - 2.7
Refractive Index 1.49 - 1.66

Proper Care of Crazy Horse Stone

Like other calcites, Crazy Horse stone is highly sensitive to acids--even the mildest can cause damage to the surface of this extremely soft stone. It's often coated with a clear epoxy after cutting, to protect it from casual scratches, enhance luster and increase durability. (This coating does not affect the natural colors of the stone.)

Always remove jewelry made with Crazy Horse stone before perspiring, as human sweat can be surprisingly acidic. Avoid steamers, ultrasonic cleaners, polishing pastes and full immersions; clean with a soft, damp cloth and pat dry.

Designing with Crazy Horse Stone

Crazy Horse stone is a very beautiful, graphic material which works beautifully with many other beads--designers only have to choose which of the colors in this stone to enhance! Pop pinks and mauves with rose quartz or pink shell; elevate greys with black onyx, black tourmaline or lava stone; or bolster a range of browns with camel jasper, petrified wood or natural wood beads.

As Crazy Horse stone is a fairly soft stone with an epoxy-enhanced surface, it's best used in designs that will not see a lot of impacts. Best practices include earrings, ear cuffs, shorter necklaces and pendants. Avoid stringing next to extremely hard materials without bead caps or knots, to protect this stone from scratches, dents or other damage.

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**Please note that all metaphysical or healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions. Fire Mountain Gems and Beads® does not guarantee the validity of any of these statements.

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