Triple-Strand Necklace with Cherry "Quartz" Glass Beads and Green Aventurine Gemstone Beads

Thread an 8x5mm silver rondelle on a headpin and cut the wire off flush with the end of the bead. Take the headpin out of the bead. Mix a little 2-part epoxy and apply it to the inside of the head and the shaft of the shortened headpin and reinsert it into the bead. Press the headpin onto the bead until the glue begins to set. Mix a little more epoxy and apply a small amount to the center of the cherry 'quartz' magnolia. Adhere the bead, headpin head up, to the flower. Let the glue set completely before using the flower.
Attach the parts of the clasp to the single loop ends of the 3-loop connectors with a jumpring. String the necklace with the clasp closed so that you attach the strands to matching loops on the 3-loop ends of the connectors.
To start a strand, cut the length of cord specified and thread a twisted wire needle on each end. String the following Delica pattern: pink, white, green, white pink, white, green, white*, pink, then repeat from * back to the first bead and slide the beads to the center of the cord. String the cord through the appropriate loop on the first connector. String the first bead in the strand directions on both needles and tie the threads together against the bead with a square knot, drawing the loop of Delicas up snugly. Dot the knot with glue and, when dry, string all but the last strand bead on both needles.

To end, string the last bead on one needle. Then repeat the Delica bead loop and loop it through the matching loop on the second connector. Pass the needle down the last strand bead, snug up the cords and knot them together with a square knot. Pass both needles through a few beads and dot the knot with glue.
Cut a 54-inch length of cord and start the first strand as Step 3 on the inside loop of the connector. Start with a 4.8mm silver beaded rondelle (SR) and a pearl. String the following pattern groups:
  1. Group 1: SR, 2mm silver square (S), and 5 Delica beads--pink, white, green, white, pink--(5DB), S, small silver drop (SD), S, 5DB, S, SR.
  2. Group 2: pearl, glass flat round, pearl.
  3. Group 3: SR, S, 5DB, S, silver oval drop (LD), S, 5DB, S, SR.
  4. Group 4: pearl, cherry "quartz" barrel (CQ barrel), pearl.
  5. String group 3, group 2, group 1, group 4, and group 1 again.
  6. Group 5: pearl, CQ oval, pearl.
  7. String group 3, group 2, and group 1. String through the smooth silver tube. Repeat the stringing pattern in reverse. End as in Step 3.
Start the second strand with a 65-inch length of cord as Step 3 on the middle loop on the connector. and string the following pattern:
  1. Group 1: silver 5x3mm swirled oval (swirl), glass double cone, swirl.
  2. Group 2: SR, CQ oval, SR, CQ barrel, 5.5mm silver rondelle (LR), glass flat round (flat round), 6mm silver star rondelle (star), CQ 4-sided oval, star, flat round, LR, CQ barrel, SR, CQ oval, SR.
  3. Repeat groups 1, 2, 1, 2, and 1. String through the SR before the tube, the tube, and the SR after it. Then string the same pattern in reverse. End as Step 3 on the middle loop of the second connector.
Start the third strand with a 70-inch length of cord as Step 3 on the outside loop of the connector and string the following pattern:
  1. Start with S, LD, S, 4 Delica beads--pink, white, green, white--(4DB), and a CQ leaf strung point first (CQ leaf P).
  2. Group 1: SD, glass leaf, point first, pearl, glass leaf end first, SD.
  3. Group 2: CQ leaf end first(CQ leaf E), 4Delicas--white, green, white, pink (4DB-R), S, LD, S, 4DB, CQ leaf P.
  4. Alternate groups 1 and 2 four more times. End the first side with CQ leaf E , 4DB-R.
  5. String through the SR before the tube, the tube, and the SR after it. Then string the same pattern in reverse. End as Step 3 on the outer loop on the second connector.
Cut a 12-inch piece of cord and thread a needle on one end. String 2-3 Delicas, alternating the colors as in Step 3. Then pass the cord through the hole on the CQ magnolia from back to front and string enough Delicas, following the same pattern, to reach 2-3 beads above the top of the flower. Thread through the loop on the tube and string enough Delicas so that the back of the loop is as long as the front. Tie the cord ends together with a square knot and pass both tails through a few beads. Dot the knot with glue.

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