Triple-Strand Necklace with Swarovski Crystal Beads, Cultured Freshwater Pearls and Coral Beads

The 18-inch necklace shown here has the bamboo coral flower centerpiece off to one side, rather than centered. The following directions will give measurements to make the necklace shown, but feel free to center the flowers if you prefer.

Cut 3 strands of beading cord, each 48-inch long, and thread a twisted wire on each end of each cord (6 needles).
Start on the right-hand side of the clasp. Center the first cord in an end loop on the clasp and thread both needles through 10-11 pearls. String a crystal, 5-6 pearls, and a coral bead on the double strand. Alternate pearl groups with a crystal then a coral until the strand is 6-1/2 inch long.

String the middle strand like the first, but start with 7 pearls. Then string a crystal, 4-6 pearls, and a coral. Repeat to the same length.

String the third strand the same way, starting with 14-15 pearls then a coral bead. Space the corals and crystals 5-8 pearls apart.
Even out all the strands to 6-1/2 inch, ending with pearls. Braid them loosely if desired.
String all 6 needles through a coral flower. Divide the needles into two groups of 3. on one group, string a pearl, a flower and a pearl. On the other string a pearl and a flower. Then pass the first set of needles through this flower to join the strands. Separate the needles again and repeat this pattern twice more. All 6 cords will be exiting the seventh flower.
Now divide the needles into pairs again and string a random pattern of pearls alternated with corals and crystals as in Step 3. End the three strands with pearls when they are 8-5/8 inch long. Braid them loosely if you braided the first side.
To end each strand, string one of the needles through a final pearl and pass it through a loop on the free side of the clasp. Tighten the cord and string back through the pearl. Tie the cords of this strand together with a square knot. If possible, pass each needle through 1-2 more beads. Dot the knot with glue and trim the ends when the glue is dry. Repeat Steps 1 - 6 to complete the other 2 strands.

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